Deacon of Word and Service

Lindsay Bailey – Deacon of Word and Service Candidacy

Advisory Committee

As you may have read in the July/August Wings, Lindsay is pursuing her candidacy for a rostered leadership role as a Deacon of Word and Service. As part of this step, she completes 600 hours of field education and her work at St. Matthew in the first few months as LGL Director, will help her complete this step.

An advisory committee has been formed to help Lindsay and provide evaluations at the 300 and 600 hour marks. The committee would like your feedback on Lindsay’s ministry at St. Matthew thus far and throughout the next few months. Please provide any initial thoughts by August 15 for our first evaluation. Any feedback from members will be shared generally as part of her evaluation.

Please e-mail us at or call any member.  Please call the church office at 330.725.8885 for committee member contact information. Thank you!


Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

Leader, Melody Costello

Debbie Hicks

Amanda Kotick

Mary Dunham

Jen Knaggs

Steve Pamer

Owen Blakslee

Mitch Uttech