Do Not Worry

9:45 AM Friendship Sunday with Holy Communion

Blessing of the Animals

Do Not Worry…Liberated by God’s Grace

“…Trusting in God is about giving up one’s own strength and accepting oneself as weak and helpless. Paradoxically, there is nothing more secure than to feel one’s own weakness; this is connected to understanding that one’s vanity is embraced by an inexplicable power. My experiences will help me to grasp that this inexplicable power is nothing but my Heavenly Father.

Human beings who discover in themselves even a tiny bit of trust in God and in life are relieved of the stress of constantly worrying and awake to see their present and future more clearly. Their lives are getting more and more interesting and colorful. What type of job can I do? What am I going to do together with my family or friends? Are there any new hobbies waiting for me? These questions become important when one’s energy and time are relieved from constant worrying and devoted to living more fully in communion with God and one’s neighbors.”

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