Advent Devotions

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This year, St, Matthew invites you to participate in creating our own Advent Devotions.  These will be shared daily with our congregation and community, via the Home page of our website, beginning November 28, 2021.

See instructions below... and send your devotion to Beth Johnson no later than November 15 ... but the earlier the better.

to be a Contributor.

Supported and encouraged by: St. Matthew Prayer Group and the Communication Evangelism Ministry Team


1.  Sign up (by clicking here) to be a Advent Devotion contributor; and add your name next to the date & suggested Scripture reading that you desire. If you have difficulty adding your name, please send an email, requesting access.

2.  Compose your own Advent Devotion in a Word document.  It can be as long as a quarter page (8x11) but no longer than one full page.

3.  Be creative.  You may base the devotion on the suggested Scriptural reference, or upon any Scripture of your choosing.  You may even base your devotion upon a favorite Advent hymn.  Does the source of your devotion speak to you personally?  If so, incorporate your witness into what you create.  End with a short prayer.

4.  SAVE your devotion.  Then SEND the attachment via email to Beth Johnson no later than November 15 (but the sooner, the better).

5.  A new daily devotion will be entered on the Home page of our website each morning, beginning November 28, 2021.  Visit our website daily!!!

May this be a blessing to you, and to our congregation and friends, during this Advent Season!