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Congregational Life

Leader: Melody Costello


The Congregational Life Ministry Team is responsible for coordinating the worship life, prayer ministry, care ministry, and shepherding ministry of the congregation.

Sunshine Meals:  If you would like to join our group of volunteers who periodically make or purchase meals (and deliver them)
to parishioners at a time of need... please contact Sue Schwab at 330-242-1091 or send her an email.


Congregational Life


GOAL 1) Altar Guild:

 - Prepare Chancel area for each service.


PLANS: Mark Bible readings, prepare altar for communion, place flowers on altar, get orders from members for Christmas and Easter.


GOAL 2) Increase membership in Altar Guild and also Communion assistants and ushers.


PLANS: Encourage current members to volunteer and get current members to ask others to join.


GOAL 3) Shepherding:

-Work to get Care Team Active.


PLANS: Continue to work with Deacon Lindsay and care team leaders to get all members of the congregation on a team.


GOAL 4) Update Friendly Visitor and Eucharist Ministry as needed.


PLANS: Work with Brenda, parish nurse, in who needs extra visits and phone calls. Discuss Eucharist needs of members with pastor.


GOAL 5) Update Spiritual Gift Inventory.


PLANS: Encourage members to complete and update inventory.  Use this to get members involved in their areas of interest.

Remind 5 Star Ministry leaders to use this tool to add new members to their committees.


GOAL 6) Prayer Ministry:

-Encourage attendance in Prayer Ministry.


PLANS: Use Sunday Bulletins to inform members to contact Barb Woodard if they would like to become a part of this ministry.

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The Water of Life

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