April 16, 2021

For those of us who followed the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Lebron James era, perhaps a cloud of chalk and a cool-looking billboard come to mind when you hear the word "witness". I still have a wine and gold "witness" t-shirt in my closet from those days. 

Long before Lebron James and Nike collaborated and created the "We are all witnesses" campaign, Jesus spoke the following to his disciples in the 24th chapter of Luke's gospel:

"You are witnesses to these things."

Perhaps Jesus inspired Lebron! (Or maybe not...) Though, one could argue that they shared a similar sentiment about the word "witness" serving as a verb in addition to being a noun. (More on that Sunday.)

Nonetheless, this Sunday's message will center around the responsibility that witnesses have to witness, and will model the art and practice of storytelling as one way of witnessing in today's world.

I look forward to being with you (via a pre-recorded video since I am still recovering, but actively working, at home) on Sunday. 

Peace be with you,
Deacon Lindsay


April 9, 2021

Dear Friends,

First and most importantly -thank you for the many prayers, notes, cards, and well wishes you've graciously sent my way over the last few weeks. The gratitude I have for your support is beyond words.


Many of you have inquired as to how my recovery is going following my hip surgery on March 15. (In fact, as I type this blurb, I just received a text message from one of our dear St. Matthew youth asking how I'm feeling. Thanks, Evan!)


Like I shared with Evan, my response to that question could vary quite a bit depending on the day. One thing that remains true, regardless of the day, is the fact that I severely underestimated what this surgery and recovery would entail. Iwholeheartedlybelieved that I would spenda few days in the hospital, a few more on the couch at home, and would be up and moving by Easter. For those of you who attended Easter worship (in-person or virtually), you know that was not the case.


It has been just shy of three weeks from the time that I was discharged from the hospital and I finally have the ability to get myself off of the couch on my own and use crutches to get around. I am still experiencing significant amounts of pain, but it is being managed well with ice and pain medications. I continue to have some difficulty keeping my blood pressure up, but thanks to the aid of family and my dear boyfriend, Austin, I am getting the rest I need for my body to heal -it's just going to require more time and patience than I initially anticipated. (You'd think I'd be better at anticipating that reality by now. I suppose that's optimism at its finest!)


As for mobility, it will still be sometime before I am able to move in a way that would allow for me to carry out worship responsibilities,as I do not begin physical therapy for a few more weeks. With that being said, I anticipate my return to worship being sometime in May. I still have two more months until I can drive, but will continue to conduct my work from home during the week until I can be present in the office sometime in June.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. They, along with God's grace, have sustained me thus far in this recovery and will continue to do so in the weeks and months yet to come.


Peace be with you,

Deacon Lindsay

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