What Do People Say About Us?

Beth Johnson

My husband, Scott, and I moved to Medina just two weeks before Covid-19 shut everything down.  Soon after, we joined St. Matthew.  Even though we have not been able to worship in the church building... we have been able to participate in online Worship, Bible Studies, Prayer Group and congregation meetings.  We certainly appreciate how St. Matthew has its technical act in order. . . so that we can feel like we are a part of this welcoming community.

Jerry M Spears

St Matthew's is an awesome church organization. I don't attend here, but oversee Operation HOMES (our shelter program here in Medina) they are 😇 good, caring ppl.....very community orientated 😇

Sandra Andrews

This is my home church. Have been a member since 1977. Great caring place to worship and serve.


Thomas G. Malloy

Our children receive a spiritual foundation. They learn about the bible and how to live a life without temptations. Also, they participate in church activities. It is important to be connected with a God of your own understanding. These are important lessons of life. I am grateful that their Mother and I encourage their spiritual growth.


Dee Marie

I felt like I was home. I'm grateful for new people, and a brand new sense of peace.

Donald Baker

My church I was at senior class today thanks be to god


Dwight Bow

Deacon Lindsay did an excellent job with the sermon.


Aaron Jones

Keep coming back.


What do YOU say about St. Matthew? 
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