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Luther League

St. Matthew’s youth group, called the “Luther League,” organizes and participates in events both locally, helping with activities at the church, as well as in other parts of the country, and attending youth-oriented conferences.  St. Matthew provides an opportunity for high school youth to come together for fellowship, Christian education and service.

It is interesting to note that our youth group is one of only a few  in the Country which has retained the name of "Luther League".  It began at St. Matthew in Aug./Sept. 1944, back when the church was still in the storefront on Medina Square.  The group met every Sunday evening at the Pastor's home.  The Luther League official charter is located at the church, in what was the Luther League room, but is now the library.  Our member, "Uncle Ron" Svoboda (who recently passed away) was one of the original members of Luther League.  The original LL symbol is shown below:.

Luther League Original Symbol.jpg

2023-2024 Officers

President                                  Anna Holthouse

Vice President                         August Weight

Secretaries                               Emma Gierhart & Gavin Gerspacher
 Hope Rohde


Todd Costello

Becky Malloy

Rick Sullivan

Kristin Weight

Christmas Gift Exchange ~ Dec. 11, 2022

Christmas exchange 2022.jpeg

Spaghetti Dinner ~ September 18, 2022


Worship Service 5-8-22

kids 2.JPEG
Easter Breakfast.JPG

Easter Breakfast 2022

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