Pastor Bill Diehm

Pastor Bill came to us September, 2019,  He serves as Intentional Interim Pastor, providing congregational care and missional guidance in our time of transition.


Pastor Bill Diehm, loved by the St. Matthew congregation, will only be with us temporarily.  He was called as our Intentional Interim Pastor, to guide us during the time between regularly called pastors.  His term began September, 2019, on a six-month basis , which was extended because of the interruption by Covid-19.


Intentional Interim Ministry is a ministry with specific “intentions” and tasks to be accomplished, primarily the following:  coming to terms with history, discovering a new identity, allowing needed leadership changes and procedures, strengthening the congregation’s relationship with the synod and wider church, and committing to new leadership and direction.


Healthy congregations benefit from making constructive use of the interim time.  Pastor Bill has helped us to exemplify our mission of Living God's Love, and helped to prepare our congregation for a successful ministry with the next called pastor.

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