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Share Your News

  • Individuals, Committees and teams are encouraged to initiate great ideas.

  • Develop and confirm the Who? What? Where? When?

  • Then share it with the congregation and/or community

  • Complete the Message Box below.

ALL Communication will be shared with our 'hub' (Rostered Leaders and Office Administrator).


Let us know how you want to share your news -

 Office publicity

Church website

Social media

Print media

Share Your Ideas

Share your news in the "message box" below.  Please specify how you want your information to be shared with the congregation and/or community.

Church Website

  • News and Events Page

  • Special Web Pages

The 'Hub'

Pastor Steve Mahaffey​

Deacon Lindsay Stertzbach

Deb Musil

Social Media

  • FaceBook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • X (formerly Twitter)

  • YouTube

Office Publicity

Deadline: Wednesdays by 10am

  • Bulletins

  • Church Slides

  • Shoutout

  • Custom Work

Print Media

  • Medina Community Calendar

  • Newspaper Article

  • Paid Advertising

Share Your News HERE

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