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Brenda Disbrow, BSN, RN-BC

Parish Nurse

See Message about NARCAN From Brenda Below

Our Parish Nurse has office hours on Tuesdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the church. If you have questions or concerns at other times, it is best to call the church office at 330.725.8885, and Deb will text Brenda.  You can also call the church and leave a confidential voicemail at extension 70.

Email or Call at 330-725-8885

Brenda is a counselor, health educator, referral source and facilitator.  She can discuss health concerns with the parishioners and their families and make home, hospital and extended care facility visits as needed.  She promotes an understanding of the relationship between lifestyles, attitudes, faith and well-being.  She can assist people to access and utilize health, social and community resources and services available.

Brenda Disbrow has been a nurse for 44 years; she earned her BSN from the University of Akron. She retired from Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital in December of 2022.  Before that, she worked in the Cardiac Care for five years, two years home care for a quadriplegic, 20 years at Medina Hospital Intensive Care Unit and17 years in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department.  After attending Ursuline College’s Parish Nurse Program, Brenda began her ministry at St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church in the fall of 2001. The primary role of the Parish Nurse is to serve as a health counselor, health educator, referral source and facilitator – and to promote an understanding of the relationship between faith and health.  Brenda has been married for 42 years to her husband Bill. They have three children, and four grandchildren. They reside on the family farm in Chatham.

“St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church has been a wonderful parish to serve in my ministry!”

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To address a question from the Narcan/Naloxone instruction on Sunday morning:  Does the Medina County Health Department disperse Naloxone kits to the general public?  The answer: YES

If you go to the link with the MCHD, hover your phone camera over the QR code, then tap the “” box, it will take you to the process of obtaining a kit.  You can complete it on your iphone.

*If you need assistance, please contact Brenda (Parish Nurse) at the church office; or come in on a Tuesday morning between 9-12 noon and she will help walk you through it.


“Faith community nursing is a nursing practice specialty that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit, the promotion of an integrative model of health, and the prevention and minimization of illness within the context of a faith community.”  – American Nurses Association

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