Comprehensive Youth

Leaders: Christy Gabler & Julie Shrader

The Comprehensive Youth Ministry Team supports all ministries related to the youth of St. Matthew and the community we serve.  We provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth through Sunday School, VBS, Luther Littles, First Communion, Fun Fellowship, Confirmation, and Luther League.  We provide mentors for our eighth graders, and work with music personnel to encourage youth participation.  We support youth retreats, camps and the ELCA National Youth Gathering. 

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Tyler Faust

Gavin Gerspacher

Landon Haycook

Anna Holthouse

Evan Kotick

Thomas Malloy

Garrett Shook

William Stuchal 

Kaitlyn Taraschke 

Charlotte Ziogas

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Comprehensive Youth



Goal 1) Offer an in-person VBS.


PLAN:  VBS will be held the week of June 21st. We will limit the number of children to  24 so that we can have 3 groups of 8. This would allow each group to have one Leader and then the leader so that when they are at a station, we would be able to keep with the group size of 10. We will hold VBS outside, and everyone will be required to wear a mask. 


Goal 2) Sunday School to resume in Fall for all youth.


PLAN:  We will work together with the Covid Taskforce, and the youth leaders/teachers to implement a plan that all can be comfortable with. These discussions will take place in the Summer so that we are able to start after Labor Day.


Goal 3) Quarterly ALL Youth Activity.


PLAN:  We feel that it is important to cultivate time between all ages of youth, it is important for the younger children to have time growing with the older children and it’s a great chance for the older children to mentor the younger youth. We plan to work with the different levels (littles/middles/league) and ask that they each plan one of the activities. We will start with a Spring activity. This activity will be held tentatively on May 16th, either after service or if we have gone to 2 services then it would be held in between. This activity will be a get together with a fun activity and then we would like to invite the Call Committee to come and talk to them about the call process, what it means, and to get their opinion about what they might like to see in a new Pastor.

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