Sunday School

Attention Sunday School Families:

Here is a flyer with details on the Sunday School Alternative that our St. Matthew Sunday School teachers have come up with. Please share it with your children!

A separate document with detailed descriptions, ideas, and helpful information for each of the "SWAG-tivities" have been sent in a separate email. We plan to begin this new way of being Church together on Sunday, January 31.

(Please note: Activities may be completed in any order, at any time. January 31 is just being used as a "kick-off" date.)

We look forward to seeing how your children show off their St. Matthew "S.W.A.G." (Saved With Amazing Grace)!

Peace be with you,

Deacon Lindsay and the St. Matthew Sunday School teachers

SWAG 1-31-21.jpg
sunday school swag winners.jpg

March 11, 2021