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Communication Evangelism

Leaders: Beth Johnson and Jill Heck

The Communication Evangelism Ministry is responsible for coordinating and promoting the church activities directed at reaching out and witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  We oversee, evaluate and coordinate written and digital communications, social media...maintaining an awareness of emerging technology. 

Sharing Faith

Person-to-person Invitation




News Release


Social Media


2023 Goals and Plans


GOAL 1) Streamline Congregational Communication


  • Communicate with the Pastor, Deacon, Executive Council, Office Administrator and Leaders of the Five-Star Ministries and Teams to coordinate ideas and employ seamless dialogue.

    • Meet with Five-Star Ministry leaders (together) on a regular basis.

    • Encourage yearly planning / 6-Month planning / 2-month planning

  • Employ a universal planning tool for all leaders to use as their initial ‘go-to’ in planning.


GOAL 2) Promote Church Activities


  • Communicate using print media, internet, mobile and social media platforms to promote events to share the good news with both our congregation… as well as the broader community.

  • Regularly interact (person-to-person) with Five-Star Ministries to understand their needs and the best way to communicate with them.  (Luther Littles, Luther Middles, HS, college, young adult, middle adult, older adult, elderly)

  • Encourage transparency of congregational matters through shared, timely Minutes/Reports

  • Provide name tags, photos/bios of new members, photos in the Narthex and ways that we can get to know each other better.

  • Initiate a (quarterly or bi-annual) communication “St. Matthew Celebrates!”.  Identify two people in the congregation to become “Mission Interpreters” (cheerleaders) to highlight the many positive happenings at St. Matthew.

GOAL 3) Share the Good News


  • Connect all that we do with God’s Will and His Word.

  • Share our worship experience through optimum Audio and Video technology

  • Increase our community presence with regular news articles and evangelistic projects such as “Loads of Love”, Food Drives and “Pay it Forward” tokens

  • Encourage and promote OUTREACH for all endeavors at St. Matthew through the Five-Star Ministries


  • Update procedures for all social media platforms, as technology continues to advance.

  • Recruit new, younger members to the Communication Evangelism team, based upon interest, gifts and talents.  (See Spiritual Gifts of congregation)

  • Develop written responsibilities for each area of expertise.  Recruit & train; encourage accountability.

    • 2023 Co-Chairs - Jill Heck and Beth Johnson

      • Recruitment and accountability

      • Interaction with executive council, five-star ministries and teams

      • Lead monthly Communication Evangelism meetings

      • Help with all listed below…

    • Office Administration - Deb Musil

      • Weekly Shoutout

      • Bulletins, Slides (for Worship)

      • Email, Mailchimp

      • Mailings

      • Church calendar

      • Church electronic signage

    • Worship Enhancement - Owen Blakslee, Brian Harris, Rex Rickly, Larry Mohler, Dale Weygandt, Joe Obermeier, Mike Holthouse, Melody Costello, Bobby Forsythe, Beth Johnson

      • Audio & Video for Worship (Livestream)

      • Audio Worship Enhancement – Loop

      • Advent Devotions

    • Social Media –Melody Costello, Bobby Forsythe, Beth Johnson

      • Website

      • Facebook

      • Twitter

      • Podcast platforms

    • Print Media – Melody Costello, Deb Musil, Jill Heck, Beth Johnson, Lisa Burke (ad hoc)

      • Church Directory

      • Flyers

      • Brochure

      • News Releases

      • Newspaper ads

      • Yard Signage

      • "St. Matthew Celebrates!”

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