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Little Treasures from the Past

These notes come from letters and minutes from those early years,
taken from the 70th Anniversary booklet, 2008.

July 1944
Rev. Bittkofer was granted two weeks vacation - one Sunday he has to secure a supply pastor, but the second week there would be NO Sunday service!  The church lots were mowed but the trimming had to be done by members of the church council.

January 28, 1945

Rev. Bittkofer was accused of sheep stealing by Rev. Hercamp, Missouri Synod, Valley City.  He threatened to register a complaint with the American Lutheran Church officials.  It seems that Rev. Bittkofer gave communion to two of Rev. Hercamp's members!  Council left it up to Rev. Bittkofer to take any action that he chose.

June 1945

The Parish Education Committee was formed.

January 1946

Even though the Altar Guild was formed in 1939, Mr. Hetzelberger, a councilman, was responsible for the Communion elements before church services.

February 1946

St. Matthew protested the Medina County Fair being held on a Sunday.  Yet, when asked by the County Ministerial Association for a contribution to defray expenses of tent rental for a fair exhibit, St. Matthew contributed $2 in appreciation for and cooperation with the Fair Board.

May 5, 1946

Following approval, a cradle telephone was purchased to replace the wall phone at the church office.  Some time during his ministry, Rev. Bittkofer borrowed money from his father, and the church purchased the site where our present church is located.

February 1947

The church was in financial trouble, more money was needed for expenses.  May deficit was $2.35, total annual deficit was $113.35!

April 2, 1947
Vestry and the congregation agreed for junior church services to be held during regular church beginning in May.  The custodian needed a leave of absence and the Luther League took over her duties.

June 4, 1947

Mr. Meyers, owner of our Mission (Store Front Church) building, offered $25 to a church organization to paint, at his expense, the Mission floor.  The church wanted to take advantage of the offer, sent it to the Men's League who accepted the offer.

June 1947

Rev. Willer urged the church deacons, when ushering, to be more sincere and courteous at the services.

July 2, 1947

Rev. Willer requested fans for the church.

August 1947

The Sunday School suggested an usher club; it was decided to try it for three months, beginning in September.

December 1947

Due to the Vestry's (Council's) attitudes, (the reasons were vague), Rev. Willer resigned January 1948 and Rev. Young was called.

1948 Budget

included the pastor's salary of $2,400; Mission rent, $480; organist's salary $130; and secretary and treasurer's salaries of $50.

April 7, 1948

Taylor Engineering Company met with Council tto discuss using logs as the fundamental building material for the new church.

The congregation was upset with the noise from the children playing on the bare floors upstairs.  A bulletin notice requested if any members had old carpeting for this use to bring it to church.

January 27, 1948

Rev. Young accepts the call to St. Matthew.

May 5, 1948

A request was made to use the church for a music festival with some comedy.  Council decided the church was hardly the place for comedy and religious music was encouraged.

July 1948

The Vestry was now referred to as the Council.

July 7, 1948

Mr. Otto Meyers offered to give the store front church to the congregation.  The offer was accepted by the Council.  The deed was presented October 6, 1948.

August 21, 1949

Application was made for a Lutheran displaced person (family) to be adopted by the congregation.  A family was found in November 1949.  Due to the proposed building of our new church, the application was later withdrawn, due to finances.

November 3, 1949

The possibility of using acolytes was discussed and they were tried over the holiday season.

January 4, 1950

The building fund was now $19,049.81.

January 15, 1950

Rev. Young urged the congregation to seriously consider the building of a new church.

February 1, 1950

An adult class was started by Rev. Young with nine members in attendance.

February 22, 1950

Preliminary steps were taken to start the building  of the church, with the indebtedness not to exceed $25,000.

March 26, 1950

The building committee favored the architecture of a newly built church in Saginaw, Michigan, but later learned that building costs were far greater in Ohio than in Michigan, so the mortgage loan that was needed was increased to $30,000.  The raising of the loan was passed by Council and the congregation.

March 26, 1950

Council members reported many parties interested in the Store Front church property.  On January 14, 1951, the Council and congregation voted to sell the property.

May 7, 1950

At a congregational meeting, sketches of the church plans were dstributed and a motion was carried to proceed with the plans.

June 4, 1950

Groundbreaking for the new church took place at 2:30 PM.  16MM color film was used to record the event.


June 25, 1950

Church and Sunday School services were canceled so that Rev. Young could attend a dedication service in North Carolina.

July 5, 1950

Rev. Young was granted permission to teach in county schools, if the opportunity presented itself, for no more than half days during the 1950-1951 school year.

October 11, 1950

The cornerstone was donated to St. Matthew by Lawrence Memorials.

October 15, 1950

Twenty-two families had not contributed to the building fund.  Council was to contact them as soon as possible!  All the pledges were secured!

December 6, 1950

The Pastor's salary was increased to $3,000.


February 18, 1951

The purchase of a public address system was authorized.

April 4, 1951

The landscaper was to furnish 80 trees to beautify the property.

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